Students Groups

How about a program in the school holidays, involving Pedagogical Tourism in a trip to Amazon, and to know the different Biomes in practice?

Jungle Lodge - Pedagogical Tourism in a trip to Amazon rainforest

Our structure (Amazon Turtle Lodge) accommodates up to 30 people with the infrastructure to attend private groups:

  • Accommodations with private bathroom, electric power, air-conditioning; Restaurant;
  • Hammocks room for reading and relax (shared with a guest);
  • Motorized canoes (used during tours);
  • Jungle guides and local staff;

The principal  idea is to unite our expertise in ecotourism programs, to the teaching practised in schools referring to the Biomes, and to be able to participate in activities “in loco” that provide knowledge of the set of plant and animal life, constituted by the grouping of vegetation, in this case, of the Amazon region.

Getting to know the Biomes in tune with  The pedagogical program:

The intention of these customized and private itineraries is to replace the idea of a simple walk in the forest, for a walk involving pedagogical activities.

It is a type of teaching that brings experience, experience and transformation to students.

Are you interesting to have an authentic experience?

We can arrange a meeting or visit your school or travel agency representative, where we can detail the program and explain how to customize the program so that it can meet the profile of your school group.