Amazônia and custom experiences in the Mamori lake


Amazônia and custom experiences in the Mamori lake

Custom experience  – Our personalized itineraries in the mamori lake are available to adventurers that are looking for  specific interest routes in the Amazon rainforest, private, and can be customized according to your request.

Since 2011, we have participated in projects, such as the Viridian project, where we receive annually groups that come to the Amazon Turtle Lodge with the mission of planting medicinal plants within areas that were deforested and later acquired by the lodge in order to reforest certain areas.

During all this experience, we try to make the local communities aware of the great importance of keeping the forest standing and preserved for future generations, for their own family members, and for them to enjoy what nature will produce in its natural flow.

The region where we are located (Mamori river) is one of the places where some documentary to private tv usually come to capture songs of birds and the jungle, which proves and characterizes the rich biodiversity present in the region.


  • We also operate experiences in the Juma River region for totally private and customized itineraries.
  • We operate exclusive Birdwatching packages with the private and professional guidance of the area.
  • Customized packages can mix experiences with jungle and lodge camp.
  • We attend groups of students focused on pedagogical activities.


Contact  our team and let us know the kind of customizable experience you are looking for in the Amazon Rainforest.


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