Amazon Trekking Expedition

10 days & 9 nights

The Amazon Trekking Expedition itinerary is suitable for adventurers physically prepared for the extreme conditions that are used during the experience , a script involving jungle survival activities, where each participant is responsible for carrying their own equipment: water, hammock, blanket, rowing, including backpacks as well as all the material needed for this adventure.


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Day 1 - From Manaus to the Amazon Rainforest

08:00 a.m. – Pick up at Hotel – Transfer to the river port Ceasa, visiting the local fruit market at the harbor, speedboat visiting the meeting of the waters, where  Negro and  Solimões rivers meet, forming the Amazon River. Arrival in Careiro village – road trip by a van on the highway BR 319.

Fast stop along the way to see water lilies: Vitoria-Régia. Then we get a speedboat to the Mamorí River, we will take more  50 minutes by a speedboat trip to get our jungle lodge:  Amazon Turtle Lodge base.

  • We will stop at our jungle lodge to get our equipment to the expedition: Kayak, rowing, safety equipment;
  • Stop for Lunch;
  • Afternoon: Canoe trip to watch birds and dolphins;
  • First Overnight at Amazon Turtle Lodge;
Day 2 - The start of survival trip & first overnight in the jungle

After breakfast around 08:30 a.m. leave for full day kayaking observing wondrous of nature, bird watching and all types of different wildlife we might come across on the kayaks. All meals will be done in camps on the banks of the rivers and by the way, will do some fishing to try and catch some fish for lunch and dinner.

 Experiences of the day:

  • Full day kayaking;
  • Contemplation of Amazon Fauna and Flora;
  • Rustic Fishing;
  • First night sleeping in hammocks on the camp base;

Dinner 06:30 p.m. and after dinner you have opportunity to see the beautiful glow of the moon and hear the sounds of the creatures wondering around in the jungle bellow our hammocks as this night we will be camping sleeping in hammocks.

Day 3 - Welcome to the jungle - Mamori river region

Early in the morning, after breakfast, walk in the jungle, the local tour guide will show the group how to get food for lunch and dinner. Afternoon, more trekking and observation of wildlife. About 5:00 p.m. time to stop and to prepare the camp to overnight in the jungle.

Experiences of the Day

  • Jungle guide will present survival techniques
  • How to get food in the forest
  • Observation of animals with diurnal habits

The food found during this walk will serve as the basis for lunch and dinner this day.

Overnight at the camp, and another night surviving the Amazon rainforest.

Day 4 - Jungle trek and birdwatching

In the morning 6:00 a.m. bird watching and jungle trekking. Now it´s time to move to another river and base camp. This is the time that the adventurous has to cross some small rivers, so they can get to the boat again to get stop and to prepare the camp to overnight.

Day 5 - Exploring new ecosystems: canoeing & fishing

After breakfast, canoeing in the small creeks but also looking for food, lunch, dinner, and anything that is possible to eat from the jungle.  Time to prepare camp and before going to sleep do some canoeing again to observe the nocturnal animals and fishing, with luck we can catch some of the 2.500 different kinds of fish of the Amazon. The ACARA fish can be just perfect for lunch in the next day.

Overnight out in the jungle in tune with the Amazon rainforest.

Day 6 - Flooded jungle & Contemplating the beauties of amazon rainforest

Special canoe trip in entire the Igapós and Igarapés (small rivers tributaries) to observe birds, sloth, insects and maybe some monkeys. In the afternoon fishing for dinner:  Maybe we have a chance to catch the famous Tucunaré, the Peacock Bass, piranha or catfishes. Overnight in the forest in the middle of nowhere in the jungle. A real jungle experience!

Day 7 - Sunrise tour and birdwatching

Early morning 5:30 a.m. sunrise trip to observe the black howler monkeys and the black-capped capuchin monkeys, Red Macaws, many birds are just starting to feed, a nice time of the day to see the animals. Afternoon, the activities can be combined with our tour guide, according to your preference.

Day 8 - Meeting the dolphins & amazonian biodiversity

After Breakfast, transfer back to base camp.  During the afternoon we will try to make contacts with dolphins, which live in groups around this region. Sometimes the dolphins can approach us, but most of the time stay a certain distance. This tour it is a very special moment to contemplate the rich biodiversity of Amazon rainforest.

Day 9 - Rubber & manioc plantations - Overnight at Amazon Turtle Lodge

After breakfast, in the morning, visit to the rubber and manioc plantations and go there to see the process making manioc flour. Evening a big dinner with family, barbecue and some caipirinhas to celebrate the success of the adventure and the last night at Amazon Turtle Lodge.

Day 10 - Time to leave Amazon rainforest - Welcome to Manaus

After breakfast, transfer back to Manaus. The transfer can be in the morning or after lunch. Drop off can be Airport or Hotel.

What is included

What is not included

What to bring in the backpack

We recommend a medium Backpack, which will be used during your jungle adventure, with the following items:

Travel insurance

Passport, vaccinations and health report

We will need copies of the picture page of your passport and vaccination cards. Recommended that you take the yellow fever shot and bring medications for any existing previous conditions you may have. I am personally against taking the malaria pill, and there is no proof of its effectiveness.

The side effects can also be greater than the symptoms sometimes, and there are very few cases detected in a single year, but it this is ultimately your choice. Please let us know of any existing conditions you may have that we should be aware of, such as allergies, diabetes, heart and blood pressure problems. We will keep this information confidential.

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